All Soccer By Rachel Camps are held at The Bob Lucido Fields at Covenant Park, Ellicott City. Players all over the state come to be trained in a fun, competitive atmosphere. At Soccer By Rachel Summer camps, training is based on modern & exhilarating training methods that have been successful at youth, college and professional levels. Each Camp offers unique & exceptional programs, but always have a focus on building and developing technical, tactical, spatial/game awareness, and confidence. Challenge yourself to reach the next level today!

Striker School II

8/17/2020 - 8/19/2020
Be a goal scorer today! Learn from former Professional forward, Rachel Campanaro. Learn proper striking techniques ( Power shots, placement shots, bending, volleys, half-volleys, crossing and finishing, break-aways, driven balls, free kicks, penalty kicks) while gaining confidence with attacking/ going to goal. Learn to create space by making effective runs to find the ball and more! When finished with Striker School, you WILL feel confident going to goal!!

Footwork & Finishing

07/06/2020 - 07/08/2020

What a combination! Learn from former All -American and Professional forward, Rachel Campanaro. This camp focuses on your ball mastery skills, first touch, attacking and finishing! Learn how to take players on with confidence. (Break-aways, weak foot striking, volleys, half volleys, crossing and fishing, bending the ball, placement shots, power shots, Penalty Kicks and free kicks) Expect to work on 1v1, 2v1, small sided games, scrimmages and shooting competitions.

HS Prep Camp

08/03/2020 - 08/05/2020

This camp will get you ready for your High School Tryouts / Club Season. Play and compete with the top players from around the state of Maryland. It will mentally and physically prepare you for what you can expect during the season. Look here to gain confidence on and off the ball, focus on ball mastery skills, conditioning, attacking, defending, striking and more! Players will compete in small sided games, scrimmages, and fun competitions.

Striker/Defender Camp

08/10/2020 - 08/12/2020

Work and understand both sides of the game from Rachel Campanaro! In this diverse camp, we will be focusing on shooting, technical ball-work, attacking, combination play and taking players on with confidence. We also will work on tactical play and defending different game situations. You can look forward to 1v1, 2v2, small sided games, 4v4 tournaments, Scrimmages, Shooting competitions and more!