"I first started training with Rachel last summer. I was good but not as good as I am today. Rachel showed me good techniques on and off the ball to help me and my teammates. Rachel showed me better ways of shooting, juggling, and protecting the ball. After I started training with Rachel I tried out for the ODP Maryland state team and made it. I now play for an elite club team. Rachel taught me to always be confident and have a positive attitude. She also showed me good exercises and a correct diet that made me quicker and have more endurance. Rachel got me better and will keep getting me better as I work with her. "

- Evan Rabinowitz 13 

"Rachel's training has made me faster and also helped me understand the game better. I love that I can have a real conversation with her because she really understands and can relate to what you are going through. I can't wait to train with her every week." 

- Grace Dunbar 10 

"Rachel has helped me so much on and off the field. She has given me more confidence and strength to help me pursue my dreams"

- Ally Clearfield 12 

"Rachel has helped me become a dangerous forward. My first touch is sharper and my coach has told me that my shot is now deadly. She taught me how to spot runs that create space for myself and my teammates. I love working with her. She's fun and i always walk away from training with her feeling like I've improved and looking forward to our next session."

- Giavana Liberto 10


"Rachel's training is super fun and really personalized. She cares a lot about what I specifically want to work on, and she knows how to help me with each of my training goals. Through her high-level soccer experiences, she has gone through what I am about to go through and has given me lots of good advice that has influenced me as a player." 

- Lily Dunbar 14

"Rachel is an extremely knowledgeable & skillful soccer trainer. She is dedicated in teaching us how to get to our highest level of play. She has helped me to develop my foot skills, speed of play, strength, and soccer knowledge. I look forward to training with her because she's an amazing role model and has really helped me to build my confidence on and off the field." 

- Morgan Pickney 12